What One WWE Moment Put Tears In Eric Bischoff's Eyes?

What One WWE Moment Put Tears In Eric Bischoff's Eyes?


Eric Bischoff had a lot of reasons to cry during his short run as ‘Executive Director’ in WWE last year.

Via his ‘83 Weeks‘ podcast though, the former WCW boss revealed a touching moment that put a tear in his eye for the right reasons. It happened during SmackDown’s very first episode on FOX – that 4 October 2019 edition was a whirlwind of activity backstage, and there wasn’t much time for sentimental goodness.

So, it almost brought a tear to Bisch’s eye when he watched an exchange occur behind the curtain between Vince and Stephanie McMahon. Vince didn’t seem comfortable with going out onto the stage to introduce the show, but he was talked into it by his daughter.

Eric admits it “made [his] heart feel full” to see Stephanie try to talk her dad into a moment that’d mean more to her than him. He could also see that the WWE patriarch wasn’t totally confident about strolling out in front of thousands (and millions more watching at home) anymore.

That’s when it hit home to Bischoff that Vince is getting old.

He watched in awe as Stephanie put her dad’s mind at ease before they walked arm-in-arm down the hallway towards the entrance.

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