Star Trek Cast: Where Are They Now?

Star Trek Cast: Where Are They Now?

Star Trek The Original Series debuted in 1966 and introducing the world to Captain Kirk, Mr. Spock and a whole host of amazing characters. In the years that have gone by, an entire franchise has blossomed, picking up speed as it went. Only a slight respite of a few years has halted this juggernaught, with three live action series currently released or in production, along with two animated series and more on the way.

But the show that started it all is still one of the dearest parts of many fans’ journeys. The stories that came from Gene Roddenberry and the creative team still resonate today, echoing through the years to remind contemporary audiences of what the meaning of Star Trek really is.

The characters were often larger than life, which is to say nothing of the actors who played them. Some would go on to mega-stardom while some would rest comfortably in typecasting. None, however, had anything like a boring life or journey after their time on the show wrapped up.

Collecting here the stories from the main cast and some of the notable guest stars, this list offers a look into the lives of the Star Trek crew in the years after the Enterprise’s Five Year Mission.

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