Are WWE Working On A New British Bulldog Documentary?

Are WWE Working On A New British Bulldog Documentary?

The Wrestling Observer are reporting that WWE has already started shooting footage for a new documentary looking at the life and career of Davey Boy Smith.

Dave Meltzer claims that a “WWE representative” attended GCW’s Bloodsport event this past weekend to film footage for the doc. The British Bulldog’s son (Davey Boy Smith Jr) competed against IMPACT’s Josh Alexander on the card.

Bulldog passed away in 2002 aged just 39, and it took until 2020 before WWE felt comfortable enough to induct him into the Hall Of Fame. Of course, that ceremony never actually took place due to the ongoing pandemic, so there’s still a call to honour Smith.

A documentary charting his remarkable career would be a nice start.

Bulldog would be a great subject for some in-depth filmmaking from the WWE Network crew. The sensitivity surrounding Smith’s heavy drug use might make it tricky, but WWE has repeatedly shown it can handle grim topics in other Network docs without going overboard.

There’s no reason to suspect they’d do anything other than properly pay tribute to Davey without smudging the facts behind his well-publicised substance abuse issues.

The Observer didn’t specify when the doc will launch, but stay tuned.

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