Aleister Black Debuts New Entrance Theme On WWE RAW

Aleister Black Debuts New Entrance Theme On WWE RAW


Last night’s WWE Raw saw Aleister Black debut a new entrance theme for his match with Kevin Owens.

Gone was the CFO$-produced “Root Of All Evil,” replaced with a slightly faster-paced track beginning with an almost comedic Jimmy Hart version of the old speaking-in-tongues sequence from the old song. It soundtracked a new entrance that saw Black stomp furiously to the ring rather than taking his time, with the coffin riser gone with most of his old theatrics, making the Dutchman’s new ring-walk an all-together simpler affair.

The following clip highlights his entrance (and the new theme):-

The old song, produced in conjunction Brendan Garrone of the awesome Long Island hardcore band Incendiary, was one of WWE’s most popular, so the switch has been met with an understandably divisive response on social media.

This is likely a result of WWE’s ongoing efforts to ditch all CFO$-produced entrance themes owing to a “terrible deal” granting publishers 50% of any royalty payments. Keith Lee’s old NXT theme was swapped for his generic main roster butt-rock track as a result of this, though ‘The Limitless One’ reportedly consented to it at the time, despite his social media protestations.

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