10 TV Finales That Messed With Your Brain

10 TV Finales That Messed With Your Brain

People become personally invested into shows on TV, far more so than they do movies. TV shows, after all, are experienced into your own home. The characters and the situations they find themselves into are consumed alongside our meals, and we flick on our favourites as comfort food when we’re sad, sick, insomniac or sheltering from outrageous weather.

That’s why we react so strongly to the finales of the shows we watch: even the TV we’re not that passionate about is the TV we’ve let into our homes once a week for anything from a few months to half our lives.

But TV finales can be strange, changeable beasts. Usually, they’re pretty predictable. There’s the wrap-up finale, beloved of sitcoms, where the main characters move on, move away, get married or get closure. There’s the resolution finale, where story arcs converge and characters collide for the final time, resolving plot threads and offing antagonists.

And then there’s the WTF finale: the one where they give you the opposite of what anyone sane would expect, breaking your brain, leaving you desperate to discuss it with someone… provided you can pick your jaw up off the floor first.

This article is the dedicated to the series finales that made you throw chips and dips at the TV and leap at the internet with the caps lock on. And of course, here be spoilers…

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