10 Shocking Wrestling Moments That’d Rock 2021

10 Shocking Wrestling Moments That’d Rock 2021


2020 has been a strange year.

The ongoing virus situation has crippled things since March, causing WWE to temporarily retreat into their own Performance Center before unleashing an LED-driven ThunderDome on the world. Over in AEW, fans are just starting to creep back into view, albeit barely. Pro wrestling 2K20 is the stuff books will be written about 20 years from now, and each chapter will probably be called, ‘What The Hell Happened?’.

At least 2021 can’t be any lamer, right? 2020 is like the worst supporting act in history – it’s p*ssing people off to the extent that anything will be better than this. It also means that maybe, just maybe, the biggest companies in the land are waiting to unleash some seriously cool surprises on everyone’s asses. They might have no choice.

WWE and AEW will be just as excited as everyone else when the world kicks COVID into touch, things settle down and they can get back to proper day-to-day business. What if they just go wild with it and several, industry-shaking moments change everything all over again?

Time to daydream some practicalities and some impossibilities…

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