10 Most Rewatchable Wrestling Moments Ever

10 Most Rewatchable Wrestling Moments Ever

Wrestling can often be disappointing. Nothing is ever guaranteed in this industry and most fans have experienced at least one crushing disappointment in the business, from a wrestler you love not being pushed properly, to a match having a wrong winner, to a dream match not living up to expectations.

Right now, it’s easy to be negative, with complete justification for not being optimistic about wrestling at this moment.

However, in times like these, it’s important to remember why wrestling is so special, why we’ve all devoted so much of our lives to experiencing it. Wrestling can be infuriating but it also has the potential to be the greatest thing in the world. It has given all of us countless moments of joy over the decades, emotions and narratives that can’t really be accomplished in other mediums.

No matter how tough things get, it’s always going to be special to revisit the moments in wrestling that define you, that make you tear up or smile like you’re a kid again. There are hundreds of candidates for a list like this, if your favourite isn’t here, hopefully you’ll go and revisit it again and remember all the joy it gives you. We all need those feelings right now…

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