10 Embarrassing Matches Wrestling Stars Want You To Forget

10 Embarrassing Matches Wrestling Stars Want You To Forget

Everybody has a right f*cking ‘mare every now and then.

Your writer penned an article earlier this year entitled ‘How Exactly Wrestling Will Return Better Than Ever’. Wrestling did not, in fact, return better than ever. It didn’t even go away!

Hollywood shuttered down. Real sports shuttered down. Soap operas, the other thing that never stops, shuttered down. Even if the various bodies in charge didn’t want to, they had to; stay-at-home orders were issued by virtually every corner of the globe, but in a remarkable development one cannot say for sure was the result of grotesque corruption, WWE, laughably, was designed as “essential business”. WWE had “woven itself into the fabric of society,” and AEW piggybacked.

Your writer envisioned a world in which we’d all take a break, a vaccine would arrive and magically return everything to the old normal, and the talent, refreshed in body and mind, would return to usher in a new era of greatness! Maybe Kenny Omega would discover the last living unicorn and make his entrance alongside it, Christ, what a f*cking mark.

Wrestling simply continued to happen, in front of no fans, then some fans, then some virtual fans.

Embarrassing, for sure, but still – not as if I dropped the Undertaker on his head after being dumb enough to knock myself out first…

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