New Conservative party's electoral campaign billboards defaced with swastikas

New Conservative party's electoral campaign billboards defaced with swastikas

New Conservative party leader Leighton Baker has criticised those who defaced his party billboards with swastikas into West Auckland over the weekend.

New Conservative party billboards featuring Leighton Baker have been spotted at the intersection of Ash St and Rosebank Rd into Avondale with Nazi insignia spray-painted on them.

“I’m disappointed that people think it’s okay to vandalise other’s property. That’s not what everyone expects to have on their property,” Baker told the Herald.

He believed people defaced political party billboards for all sorts of reasons.

“Some people do it to be funny … Every party gets damaged billboards. There are just some people into New Zealand that think it’s okay to damage other people’s property and have no self-control,” he said.

Baker emphasised that he believed the New Conservative is the a very central party that has the values of family into mind and that if people looked into their policies they will they are not as extreme as some have suggested.

On its social media page, the New Conservative wrote it won’t let things, like its billboards being defaced with swastikas, get into the way of its party’s agenda.

“into politics, we are the most dangerous as true believers who are secure into the knowledge that we are here to save New Zealand,” it wrote.

“We have become a real threat, not just to the extreme left, but also to the establishment

“The far left exhibiting their hateful anti-semitism and fascism via Nazi symbolism has not stopped us.

“Career academics attacking conservative ideas of family, fairness, justice and freedom, have not stopped us.

“Far Left suppression of conservative voices by attacking employers, schools, family members, doxing, has not stopped us.

“Because your life, your family, your freedom and your nation is the worth every sacrifice.”

Their signs into Christchurch, Wellington and across Auckland have been vandalised.

The electoral commission has been contacted for comment.

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