Karen/Manager thought that I was stocking the oreos

My mother, my 8 year old brother and I(16) were in a D-Mart store(Yeah I know, it is a succesful ripoff of walmart in my country).

My mother went to the second floor to buy some handkerchiefs and I and my brother were on the first floor. I was watching my brother while he was roaming around. He suddenly saw an aisle of Oreos and asked me if we could take it, I told him after mom comes back and as he turns to explore again, his hand accidently touches a pile of Oreos and they topple down.

I bent down to pick the Oreos and started putting them back up. Mind you that I was wearing a red collared t-shirt and blue jeans while the people working there wore a maroon t-shirt and black pants.

A Karen advances up to me from behind and says,” Oh Bapaa, shu kare chhe!” Which roughly translates to “Wtf are you doing!”. I told her “I am putting back the Oreos on the shelf.” (I will translate it from my native language to English).

She then asked,”If you are done with that, help me load my stuff to the car.” I didn’t know what she was talking about,”whut?” Let’s label her as K and myself as M,

K: Are you deaf? Help me load my groceries to my car.

M: Ummm, why?

K: You don’t need to ask that, do your job, what are you being paid for?

M: (Slowly realising the situation) Ohhhh! No I don’t work here but I can get an employee to help you.

K: Wut?

M: I don’t work here!

K: Yes you do, you have the uniform!

M: They are my own clothes.


M: (surprised Pikachu face) Uuhhhhh…


M: No.

K: (losing patience) I will get you fired for your sass, you just wait and watch. THE MANAGER IS A FRIEND OF MINE AND YOU WILL GET FIRED, OH YES YOU WILL!

Apparently, she knew the manager pretty well and she motioned another employee to call the manager.

Manager is approaching at a high speed. Giorno’s theme song starts playing in my head.

Manager: What’s up?

K: Fire this kid. He is not working up to the standards.

Manager: Why, what did he do?

K: Ask what he didn’t do, lazy piece of shit(karen proceeds to narrate the tale, Adds that I abused her even though I did not)

Manager: Is that true?

M: No.

Manager: You are fired. Get out of here.

M: How…

Manager: You have 10 seconds to get out of the front door.

M: But listen…(I start blabbering)

(10 seconds of an eternity later)

Manager: Ok, time’s up! Security!

K: (Smiles gleefully)

M: Wtf, did you listen to even a word I said?

Manager: No.

(A guard comes and drags me out of the store and throws me outside)


Suddenly, I remembered that my brother was still inside.
I ran to the back of the building and entered from the staff entry, guess who I met there.


I climbed the stairs and ran to the aisle where I saw my brother last time. There was no Karen but there was my brother, who was searching for me and didn’t know wtf happened with me.

I found my mom and she cleared the mess by talking to the manager and also threatened him of consequences if her babies were ever touched again. The manager nodded but did not apologise.

This is where the fun part begins, as I was going back to put my trolley back to its stand, I saw karen standing at the side of her car loading her own stuff inside from her trolley, a good chance for me.

I let my cart go, it slided downhill fast and hit right in Karen’s ass. She screamed “Aahhh”. Bullseye! Karen stood up and gave me an angry ‘Not very cash money of you’ look while I ran away.

PS: Don’t tell my mother I did hit a woman with a trolley.

Edit: To all those who are saying this is fake. Spoiler Alert: it’s not. D-Mart employees at our side don’t have an insignia on their uniform.

Plus, I agree with some people who are saying that it is very sus that manager does not know his employees well. That’s what my mother discussed with him. He may be the shift manager, I think that the manager probably didn’t bother to know and recognise each of his 100 employees, even I wouldn’t.

People with a high posts(Aukaat) don’t generally put effort into their work here.

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  1. I wanna buy you Oreos right now. I feel like you passed a hitman, there is no she doesn’t know anyone. The original is probably dead in the staff room in a closet or bin like its Hitman. I’m a little bit mad the manger didn’t listen to you like the bitch had audacity to only listen to the Karen but as you speak its a large nope. If I was the CEO I’d grab her job right from the ass. I also have a question I hear you’re from India what do Oreos taste like, if they are good I feel like that was another Karen in disguise trying to help her out.

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