I’ve stolen over 10k in cash at my former job, and was never caught.

Throwaway account:

I used to work at the movie theaters as a manager about 9 years ago. This theater was super popular, brand new everything at the time, a bar, amazing sound and seating. Everytime a new movie would come out it would be stupid busy (im talking like twilight, ironman, the hangover, etc.) Pretty good movies.

This was before apps for theaters started being popular and we did have kiosk for people to pay on (card only) but 90% of the time they would up on the ticket counter.

I was in charge of closing out the registers at night, at first I was honest I would count out the drawers figure out what was earned, see if it was short or not and even out the drawer back to the start of the day (usually it was set up for $250)

After a while I noticed there was no security cameras in the ticket counter and there would be no way of seeing what was happening unless you where inside the booth. So I got curious…

One night while I was closing up I pocket 20 bucks, and wrote up off..nothing..so the following week I did it again…nothing again…and then I waiting on super busy movie nights when we would use 4 of the registers in the both and at closing I would take 40 from each and even the drawer back to $250.

Some busy nights I would walk out with about 250-300 dollars… and I was getting away with it ! No one never looked into the fact I was doing this! So I kept at it for 5-6 months.

I’m not sure how much I really took but I can with confidence say it was over 10k because I used it to put a down payment on a car.

I ended up quitting the job due to moving out of the state..And that was that, I was never caught.

So basically, they should of really invested in cameras in the ticket counter area lol

TL;DR I stole over 10k at a movie theater from registers as a manager and was never caught.

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  1. 10 Hail Marys 5 our fathers

    Also do something financially beneficial for someone else and don’t ask for anything in return

    You are forgiven

  2. Shit. As manager? You should of figured out the acceptable levels of variance in reported income per night and taken just below the warning level. Who knows? You could of walked away with $30,000.

    Real baller move would have been to make the $30,000 then charge them a six figure consulting fee for showing them the flaw in their system.

  3. At one time I worked for a small bank branch that was so short staffed and mismanaged they had to forgo dual control rules because there were not enough people to cover all the hours.

    At one point I had the code to get into the branch after hours, turn off the security system, turn off cameras, and get into the vault.

    I would have had to leave the country quickly but I had quick and easy access to around 300k in cash at 25.

    I didn’t do it because right and wrong and of course instant felony. But I doubt I’ll ever have that chance again haha.

  4. What the hell? I worked at a fast food restaurant as a manager and if the deposit was $3 off plus or minus we would get audited. If a deposit was more than two days late (meaning it sat in the safe for two days) I would get a phone call from our financial manager and have to send proof I deposited it that day. How was it ok that your deposit was short $250 every night?

  5. I don’t understand- you simply took money without figuring out a way to do an overring or anything? You didn’t like, take people’s money and hand them tickets without ringing them up? I don’t understand how you would be able to just have your drawers short $200 a night.

  6. Worked with some dude in a restaurant. In 2 years he stole over $25,000 from scamming guests with fake checks that paid cash. He got caught though. All they did was fire him and not press charges. He died of a brain hemorrhage a year after he got fired at the age of 25….

  7. Did the same as a fast food manager. At the end of the shift, I would count the drawers and log any negative balance. Anything over $3.75 and the cashier gets a written warning. A few of those and they are terminated. Same if the drawer had excess money. But I always would pocket any excess. I called it my tip for the shit i put up with for 10-14 hours and the cashier would not get written up. Nightly, I would walk out with at least $20 cash and many times much more.

  8. I had a friend in high school who ran a similar game at the gas station where he worked. When a customer bought a certain amount of gas, the place gave away coupons entitling the person to $2 off their next fill-up. Not a big discount but this was the 1980s. If anyone didn’t want the coupon, he’d pocket it and if the next person who came in for gas didn’t present a coupon, he’d redeem it with their transaction and keep the two dollars. He ran his game every time he worked. He was the only kid I ever knew or knew of in high school who owned two vehicles and had more than $1000 in his bank account.

  9. Our owner promoted our bartender to be restaurant manager at our small resort. I was an assistant in the bookkeeping dept, we noticed he was 2 to 3 days behind dropping off the night deposits, the bank was next door. One day a housekeeper handed me a deposit slip she found in the parking lot. I told my supervisor I suspected he was taking the cash to the poker tables at a nearby casino, he’d make up the smaller weekday deposits with the larger weekend ones and any winnings. My supervisor tried to talk to him but he was smooth talker, he had family on staff as well, he played on her sympathies. Finally the off-season hit, he was about $5,000 short. He took off out of state, my supervisor had to fess up to the owner and was interviewed by the police.

  10. Target when they were operating in Canada , same shit. Weak internal controls, no cameras or even prop cameras that doesn’t even function. LMAOO

  11. I used to steal a pack of smokes daily from the grocery store I worked at when I was 17. The guilt still follows me.

  12. I’ve stolen money from a few jobs over the years. I’m not proud of it, but it was never anything excessive, and it was mostly only when I needed grocery money or bus fare for the week.

  13. I worked retail jobs back in the 80’s into late 1990.

    If we ran a till, we had to cash in and cash out. That’s counting the money and signing how much you received and turned in.

    Still, people tried to steal cash. They always got caught and fired at best.

  14. Working at a 25 hr gym making protein shakes for people who work out late and just pocket the money since the shake area was off camera. I had a system with a few guys who worked there and I made about 50 a night. Another company I worked at I never took money but industrial paper towels and toilet paper and copy paper. I had so much 10 years later I still have paper left.

  15. I love it when people say it’s a throw away account.

    Do you honestly think that will put some magical shield between you and the world. That no one can find out who you are LOL.

  16. A friend of mine was a caretaker for this old racist fuck a few years ago(he’s passed away now) and got to know him so good he had him do his finaces(pay bills, get food etc) and completely trusted him with his money. This guy was so fucking racist it was unreal. He wouldn’t even interview you unless you were white, he even tried requesting that ups/fedex only have a white person deliver his packages. Anyways this guy made a few million off the oil industry and was told he only had a few months to live if that. He asked my friend to write checks to his grandkids to put into a college fund. Well me and my friend got a $25k check each and he never noticed. Kinda felt bad because he died and all but then again I didn’t because he was a racist piece of shit.

  17. We used to do this by refunding found ticket stubs for cash.

    They caught on and now all refunds needed manager approval.

    Technology usually catches these things. They once thought I was adding items to a customer’s order, getting the money, then removing the item so that I could pocket the difference.

    They tried to write me up and I said, “I’m not signing that. I already reported that my touch screen is misaligned and it keeps registering the wrong item.”

    Ugh, movie theaters.

  18. The trick back in the day was to charge people normally — say ten bucks, but issue them a senior citizen ticket that costs only six bucks. The customers don’t bother noticing their ticket is senior. Pocket the difference. Repeat a lot on busy nights.

  19. When i managed a bar, some weekends we had we had 15k nights and my boss even would question me on a $20 discrepancy. If you got away with this, unless it was 20byears ago, your venue has terrible systems in place.

  20. I used to work in a movie theater, back in the 90s. There was an employee who stole from that place without getting caught. What he did was sell a ticket, tear it in half (common practice back then so you could tell the ticket was used), then sell the other half of the ticket to someone else, and pocket that ticket’s price.

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