I am not a babysitter.

Sort of off topic.
I work there but I’m security not a babysitter.
So I patrol a shopping plaza, during my rounds I spot a couple teenagers (2 f 14 to 17) sitting on the trunk of their car eating lunch. No big deal but I take note.
Hours pass and they are still sitting, playing on phones, joking and laughing etc, again nbd.
At the 3 hour mark Karen appears, wants my head on a pike for not taking care of her baby who had locked her keys in her car. (The teens also didn’t contact karen for 3 hours, also not my fault)
I explain that since they showed no signs of distress, and were not doing anything illegal there was no real reason to interact with them, they saw me in my patrol vehicle multiple times and made no motion to gain my attention or request aid.
Not good enough apparently.
Tirade continues, I’ve had enough, I inform her to open the car and remove themselves from the property as they are making a scene.
“Or what?” Karen bellows.
“I’ll have you removed” is about as plain and simple as I can make it.
She wants to see me try.
So I call it into locals and karen is just waiting for them to arrive. They do shortly there after, I explain from start to finish, then Karen’s bullshit ensues, I’m harassing her poor babies(who are quiet but definitely embarrassed) and threatening her and cursing for all to hear. Basically the opposite of what transpired. Officer returns and goes, “yeah i don’t buy a lick of that bullshit, what do you wanna do?”
I reply “just boot them, that kid is gonna get enough shit later”
Officer explains what’s going to happen and what happens if it doesn’t go that way and Karen goes back after me and the cop cuts her off and says “ma’am does he look like a babysitter to you, his job was to keep them safe, he did that, anything further is on those kids over there”.
And then the husband/father shows up, he unlocks the car, says 2 words to everyone around him, “go home” and they all pile in their vehicles and leave.
A bit anticlimactic for my part but still, just one of those days on the job.

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  1. I feel bad for the girls. They were probably enjoying their “Karen/mom – free” time. Hopefully dad told her to shut it at home.

  2. I was security for a large department store. The amount of times people would leave their kids in strollers and walk away or ask me to watch their kid while they go browse, was astounding. I’m not paid childcare. I’m here for fire safety and loss prevention. I’d have store employees bring me kids all the time who got left in [insert store department] by their parents. And in that case I had to make 100 calls to try and locate their parents. I had to repeatedly tell them “I may have to switch posts or leave at any moment, I can’t be left to watch your children.” I’m also a stranger wtf.

  3. Pops pulled a Lucifer. You know the episode where demons are arriving on earth? “You do not belong here! Go home!”

  4. Why not call child protective services and report an abandoned child?

    A couple of times, and word would get around at the weekly Karen meetings.

    ( You knew they had meetings, right? Gotta get that training in somehow.)

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