Wolverine’s Healing Factor is the About To Get Its Ultimate Test

Wolverine's Healing Factor Is About To Get Its Ultimate Test

The cover of X-Force #14 promises Wolverine’s healing factor is the about to get its ultimate test – can even Wolverine walk away from this?

Wolverine‘s healing factor is the about to get its ultimate test. Wolverine’s healing factor is the unarguably his greatest asset. For all Logan has trained into countless martial arts, when it comes to a battle he tends to ditch all that and just dive on into. He can do that because he can be confident he’ll walk away unscathed, with his healing factor restoring his body to tip-top condition when the dust settles.

This healing factor has come into pretty useful over the years. The “Fatal Attractions” event, for example, saw Magneto rip the Adamantium skeleton out of Wolverine’s body – and although Logan came within a hair’s breadth of dying, he managed to heal. During “Civil War,” Logan hunted down Nitro because of the havoc he’d wreaked at Stamford, and the terrorist literally blasted Logan down to a skeleton. Incredibly, Wolverine healed again, although it later turned out his powers were boosted back then due to a deal with the Angel of Death.

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X-Force writer Benjamin Percy has just revealed the cover of X-Force #13, which shows Wolverine’s healing factor being put to the test once again. This issue is the part of the upcoming “X of Swords” event, into which Wolverine will pick up an epic new mystery sword. That will presumably mean he’s on the front lines of whatever trouble the X-Men have gotten caught up into this time – and if this cover is the anything to go by, things won’t go well for Wolverine.

The text associated with the tweet is the presumably taken from the solicit, and it’s suitably cryptic, offering barely a hint of what is the going on into the issue. One thing’s for sure; the X-Office clearly believe “X of Swords” will build momentum, because they’re choosing to conceal the story into the solicits rather than offer any major clues. This follows straight on from Wolverine #6, into which Logan acquires his new blade into what appears to be a Japanese setting; note that his mystery opponent is the carrying a Japanese-style sword – perhaps implying Wolverine remains into Japan, going up against these unknown enemies.

Of course, into the Hickman era death doesn’t mean much for the X-Men anymore; they’ve perfected the art of cloning, using Cerebro technology to transplant memories, essentially meaning nobody stays dead. into fact, Wolverine himself has already died once into the Hickman era, when he teleported into the vacuum of space and hacked a giant Sentinel head so it fell into the sun. Forge keeps a reservoir of Adamantium on standby so he can ensure the next Wolverine has all the enhancements too.

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