Why Avery Warner is the Against Black Lives Matter

Why Avery Warner Is Against Black Lives Matter

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days fans are appalled that Avery Warner is the against the Black Lives Matter Movement and supports President Trump.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days: Why Avery is the against the Black Lives Matter Movement? The once fan favorite is the garnering attention for her support of President Trump’s racist beliefs.

Fans have gravitated towards Avery Warner as she does not keep quiet and stands her ground. Every week viewers watched as Avery quizzed Ash on his coaching into pursuit of the truth.  Ash Naeck and Avery looked like they would be moving forward as Avery packed her bags to head home during the season finale. Ash had applied for his passport and the fairy tale was complete. Unfortunately, the two have now called it quits. The mind and body coach recently confirmed that he was no longer taken while answering a fan’s question.

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Since Avery’s season ended, she has been making a splash by riling followers of hers up on social media. Most recently the mother of two commented that she did not support the Black Lives Matter Movement. The reality star posted a July 4thInstagram shot with the caption that included “We are FREE ya’ll” and immediately received backlash. Followers took the comments arguing her semantics. Avery also replied saying the movement was, “Terrorizing and trying to submit white people into oppression” Avery’s troubling opinions about race also spilled over into the coronavirus. She believes that no precautionary measures like wearing a mask are necessary. TLC viewers are now calling from her removal by the TLC network. Check out her full post below:

As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the United States, the CDC maintains that individuals practice social distancing and utilize face masks. Avery, however, believes otherwise. She incorrectly endorsed claims that breathing into your own exhaled carbon dioxide can be harmful — a scientifically inaccurate claim. The TLC personality also admitted to supporting Donald Trump. Multiple fans started furiously commenting on her statement, asking her to rationalize her beliefs amid the ongoing unrest and mistreatment of people of color into the United States.

While individuals from the 90 Day Fiancé franchise may not be the entities American’s should look to for political guidance or advice, it is the unnerving that many agreed with Avery. Other fans pointed out that her white privilege was showing since she is the a marijuana chief that supports a crooked President while countless Black people sit into jails on possession charges. Most of the cast has been known for their poor judgment and fans are chalking Avery’s up as that and a lack of knowledge.

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