Who Is TikTok’s Pasta Queen? Everything to Know About Nadia

Quarantine has made chefs of us all. That might not be a good thing. Some of the new cooking videos popping up on YouTube and TikTok are downright terrifying. But TikTok‘s Pasta Queen isn’t one of them. Her recipes are legit, and she’s well on her way to social media celeb status. Since the video platforms she’s on are somewhat anonymous, fans don’t know much about this carb-loving chef. Here’s everything there is to know about the Pasta Queen, so far. 

The Pasta Queen is Italian, of course 

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The Pasta Queen’s real name is Nadia Caterina Munno. She’s Italian, which is why her recipes are so authentic and delicious.

She really knows what she’s doing when it comes to Italian food. She promotes her brand across a lot of different social media platforms, including TikTok, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. She has a website dedicated to her cooking brand as well, but it’s not live yet. 

Although she’s from Rome, Italy originally, Munno currently lives in Florida. That’s where she cooks and records her videos.

Her Instagram is verified, which is a big deal for any internet celeb. She has more than 300,000 followers on the platform, in addition to hundreds of thousands on TikTok. Her YouTube channel has a little over 40,000 subscribers. Murro’s brand is based on cooking delicious food while looking good.

She made her first pasta when she was just six and has a special relationship with the dish. Her great-great-grandparents owned a pasta factory, so cooking it runs in her family. 

The Pasta Queen’s reaction videos may be more popular than her recipes

Pasta Queen
Pasta Queen | Facebook/The Pasta Queen

Although Murro’s recipes taste as good as they look, her reaction videos are just as popular with social media users as her cooking videos are. In one reaction video that’s gone viral, Murro watches another chef’s tutorial on how to prepare chicken. In the video, the cook uses frozen onions, and throws them on a raw chicken. Murro, who uses fresh ingredients, is incensed. She and her fellow reactors complain about “Frozen onions on albino chicken!”

Murro and her friends really feel for the chicken. As they repeat in the video: “He didn’t wanna be there guys, he didn’t wanna be there.” Murro doesn’t think the chicken deserved to be covered in frozen vegetables, which says a lot about how she feels about food.

Despite the fact that the video is meant to be funny, it shows that Murro reveres the food she cooks. She wants to do it justice, and do right by her ingredients. That’s what makes her such a good chef. 

Twitter loves the Pasta Queen

Social media users loved her viral chicken reaction video. Twitter fans were especially taken with the Italian American cooking personality. Like her recipes, Murro’s reaction video is authentically Italian. Someone even screams “Mamma Mia!” at one point, which fans went nuts over. As one user posted, “Lmaoooooo the mamma mia finished me off.” 

Although the Pasta Queen doesn’t have the same following on Twitter as she does on other social media platforms, she’s still internet famous over there as well. In fact, one of her famous reaction GIFs is in the GIF library.

The Food Network should get the Pasta Queen and her hilarious reactions on the air as soon as possible. Although they don’t seem to know about Murro yet, her star is rising fast. She already seems more likable than some of the personalities on the Food Network now.

Plus, she would bring a big audience with her. Her personal brand is on point. Her food is delicious, she looks good, and she’s funny to boot. 

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