Watch: Kelis Announces the Birth of Her Daughter After ‘Intense’ Labor [Video]

Watch: Kelis Announces the Birth of Her Daughter After ‘Intense’ Labor [Video]

Kelis is a mom again.

The singer-turned-chef welcomed her first daughter to the world ‘a week ago,’ according to a video shared via Instagram.

The little one’s arrival makes Kelis’ a happy mom of three. Kelis and husband Mike Mora share 4-year-old son, Shepherd. The pair have been married since 2014.

Kelis also has an 11-year-old son, Knight, with her ex-husband, Nas.

“Hey, so I’ve been kind of MIA…but for a really good reason cause I just had my baby!” she said. “It was intense. I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I’m generally a really private person, with my personal life, but I wanted to kind of bring my fam in, bring you guys in, to sort of talk about all of these women’s things we go through that no one really tells us about.”

“I had a girl by the way — so I’m very excited about that — it’s my first girl!… I wanted to bring you into my process. I can’t work out for the next six weeks and if I don’t want to resort to wearing spandex for the rest of my life… I want to show you how I plan on getting back into my high-waisted jeans…with just food. No exercise…”

See her announcement video below. Congrats!

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