Sony Could Limit PS5 Preorders To One Per Customer

Sony Could Limit PS5 Preorders To One Per Customer

An error message into the source code for Sony’s PlayStation Direct retail site shows that customers will be limited to preordering one PS5 at a time.

PlayStation 5 preorders made through Sony’s official retail site could be limited to one per person. Preorders for the next-gen console still haven’t gone live, despite some false alarms pointing to them potentially starting next week.

Since Sony has revealed the tech specs and design of the PS5, the biggest details remaining to be fleshed out are its price and release date. Those questions also both tie into the next question on most players’ minds: When will the PS5 be available for preorders? Sony still hasn’t revealed that yet either, but it has reassured fans that it will give advance notice of when preorders will start, so no one should have to scramble to get their purchase into at a moment’s notice. Further alleviating some potential preorder anxiety is the the recent report that Sony is the massively stepping up its production of PS5 consoles to get more into players’ hands at launch.

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Another new development could help make the next-gen console a little easier or a little harder to come by at launch, depending on point of view. Reddit user Kgarvey recently found source code on the Sony’s PlayStation Direct retail website for an error message that appears if a customer tries to buy more than one PS5 console. As reported and verified by IGN, the message reads:

Sony Playstation 5

“You can only purchase one version of the PS5 Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS5 console to your cart.”

The PS5 launch will be the first console launch for Sony with two different hardware versions, and the error code indicates that customers will only be able to purchase either the digital or the disc-based version, not one of each. That could be a problem for anyone who was hoping to grab separate consoles for multiple people, but it could also cut down on the number of hardware resellers inflating the PS5’s price at launch. Of course, PS5 preorders pages have already appeared on other websites like Amazon, and there’s no hint yet that they’ll enforce similar policies.

Anticipation for next-gen consoles is the running high, and there’s still no sign of when all of players’ remaining questions will be answered. Sony and Microsoft appear to be playing chicken over releasing the final details of the PS5 and Xbox Series X, with just four months left before their likely release dates. Until then, players will have to content themselves with the continuing deluge of next-gen game reveal events, several of which are still scheduled for this summer.

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Source: Kgarvey/Reddit, IGN

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