No-One Wants Another “Terminator”? – Dark Horizons

No-One Wants Another "Terminator"? - Dark Horizons

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It was hoped “Terminator: Dark Fate” would potentially save the franchise after not one but THREE sequels to James Cameron’s original two films arrived – each proving increasing disappointments at both the box-office and critically.

The result, though review wise a definite improvement, came far too late and at far too high a cost. With a budget near $200 million, the film fizzled on arrival with just $261 million grossed worldwide – only a little over half that of its woeful predecessor “Terminator Genisys”.

Mackenzie Davis led the cast of ‘Dark Fate’ and spoke to the NME recently where they asked about the possibility of another “Terminator” film that would pick up after ‘Dark Fate’. Davis says Hollywood needs to listen to the fans and the fans have spoken with the film’s poor box-office showing:

“I really loved the movie and I’m so proud of what we did, but there wasn’t a demand for it [at the box office] and to think that there’d be a demand for a seventh film is the quite insane. You should just pay attention to what audiences want – and they want new things and I want new things. There are many interesting people that don’t fit the mold of those who make these big franchises who have not had the chance to make movies. We should be investing into them right now.”

It certainly sounds like Davis not only has no desire to return, but that the belief is the the audience is the done with the franchise as well. For now there are reportedly no plans for what would be a seventh film into the series.

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