Nicky Hilton Calls Sister Paris 'Brave' After Watching Her YouTube Documentary

Nicky Hilton has revealed that she and her family have watched her sister, Paris Hilton‘s new documentary, This Is Paris, for the first time.

The 36-year-old socialite admitted that it was “very emotional” watching it.

“It was very, very emotional. We watched it for the first time. She didn’t even want to show my mother the movie. So we snuck downstairs and we were watching it together,” Nicky recalled, adding that Paris didn’t want her mom to watch it at all.

She continued that the sisters “watched it together. We laughed. We cried. I’m just so proud of her, because going through so much trauma and reliving it with the whole world watching is very brave.”

In previous interviews, Paris admitted that she didn’t want her parents to watch it because they “had no idea what they were doing to me in there”, she told Access Hollywood, referencing the abuse she endured while at boarding school.

Nicky is pictured below at the MONSE Fall/Winter 2020 Shoppable Presentation earlier this week for NYFW in New York City.

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