Montana Tucker Teases Upcoming Music Video For ‘Hola’ & Gives Advice To Making The Perfect TikTok Vid

Montana Tucker’s ‘Hola’ is getting the video treatment! The TikTok star & dancing queen revealed to HL some details about the upcoming shoot!

Montana Tucker isn’t letting quarantine rain on the success of her newest release “Hola!” The singer signed to Pitbull‘s Mr.305 Records released her upbeat jam on April 24 and it quickly became a TikTok dance challenge and a song used in Zumba classes worldwide. Soon, fans will get to see Montana’s own choreography and take on the single, as she told she will be traveling to Mexico to film the music video!

“We were supposed to film it in LA before the quarantine, and then we couldn’t shoot it, but we just kind of had this idea… my friend Jamee Ranta is producing the video and she does all of J Balvin and Bad Bunny‘s videos, and we’ve just been dying to do the music video,” she explained to HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “I’m pretty sure we will be doing it in Mexico in July, so cross your fingers it all works out!”

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Montana teased a little bit of her vision for the video, without giving away too much! “I think we want to do some Mexico City vibes,” she said. We’re so excited to see what she comes up with! The Miami-native added that she’s constantly inspired by Jennifer Lopez, who she is self-proclaimed “obsessed with!” “We’ve always had these random connections! Her vocal coach is my vocal coach, I’ve worked with all of her choreographers… my dream collaboration would be to definitely do a song, or anything, with her,” Montana gushed.

The “Hola” singer has also been making waves on TikTok throughout q-tine, with over 5 million followers on the social media app. In addition to her own #HolaChallenge, Montana has been crushing the dance game and revealed to HL some of her TikTok secrets to success! “I spent a lot of time on the app and on my For You page, just seeing what’s trending and listening to the trending songs, because using those definitely helps,” she said. “Also, if a dance is already made, I always try to make it a little different. I’ll do the choreography that’s already out there, but then I’ll add some thing at the end or ‘ll change something up so it’s not just like me sitting in front of my phone dancing — which works for a lot of people, just not for me personally.”

Make sure to join in on the #HolaChallenge and stream “Hola” now! Keep an eye for the the upcoming music video!

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