Melania Trump delivered her RNC speech from the new White Power rose garden

Melania Trump Address at the 2020 Republican National Convention

Melania Trump Address at the 2020 Republican National Convention

So much happened leading up to Melania Trump’s “speech” at the Republican National Convention. First of all, she didn’t go to North Carolina like some peasant to actually give a speech in front of coronavirus-y delegates. No. She gave her speech in the newly redesigned, colorless White Power rose garden, which strongly resembles a cemetery. Not to mention, it’s a violation of the Hatch Act for Melania to make an RNC speech at the White House! Melania also did not have to vet her speech with her husband’s staffers, according to CNN. Melania’s bare-bones East Wing operation really doesn’t do much, but they do operate completely independently from the West Wing. So she just had her own staffers work on the speech and I guess she kept her fingers crossed that they wouldn’t plagiarize Michelle Obama again. Here’s her speech:

First of all, I’m pretty sure this is the longest she’s spoken on-camera anywhere in the past five years. Melania wants to believe that she’s an enigma, but really she’s just a vapid golddigger trophy wife with nothing to say. That being said, she was one of the very few RNC speakers to acknowledge the loss of life in the pandemic. I don’t care DO U?

There was a lot of talk on Twitter about Bette Midler calling Melania an “illegal alien” and making fun of her accent. I’ve never made fun of Mel’s accent (although I am still working on imitating it) because that kind of anti-immigrant sh-t leaves me cold. But I don’t have any issue with people attacking Melania’s immigration story, especially when her husband demonizes brown and black and Muslim immigrants. Especially when Melania herself participated in and promoted the Birther campaign and used chain migration to bring her parents to this country, the same chain migration her husband wants to end.

Something that also leaves me cold: when people pretend Melania is “classy” or a “role model” just because she’s white. Adjacent to that, I never cared about the issue of “but she posed nude when she was a model” – so what? But this whole classy/trashy, virgin/whore conversation is a mess from start to finish. I did laugh at Cardi’s tweet though:

And finally, Peter Navarro said Mel is “the Jackie Kennedy of our time.” No, she’s not that either.

Melania Trump Address at the 2020 Republican National Convention

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red.

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