La Grande cuisine sur Arte: did you know that the director of Rambo had directed Jean Rochefort and Philippe Noiret?

Arte is broadcasting the burlesque comedy “La Grande cuisine” by Ted Kotcheff, known for having produced the much more muscular “Rambo” this evening.


La Grande cuisine is a dark comedy in which the greatest chefs are murdered one after the other. The murderer has a very specific method: he kills each cook the way he prepares his best dish.

Jacqueline Bisset plays Natasha O’Brien, a renowned pastry chef whose overnight lover, a Swiss cook, is found roasted in an oven. The British actress is surrounded by an international cast: her compatriot Robert Morley, the American George Segal, the Italians Luigi Proietti and Stefano Satta Flores and the French Jean Rochefort, Philippe Noiret and Jean-Pierre Cassel.

Behind the camera is Canadian Ted Kotcheff. Still unknown to the general public in 1978, he previously signed, among others, A colt for a rope, western with Gregory Peck, Touche pas à mon gazon, a comedy with Jane Fonda, and Wake In Fright, survival hallucinated in theoutback Australian with Donald Pleasence. Four years later, he directed Rambo, which depicts a Vietnam veteran (Sylvester Stallone) chased by the police of a small town. The feature film has met with the success we know, to the point of giving birth to a saga with five films to date, with more violent and whimsical sequels than their model.

The Great Kitchen

The Great Kitchen

Released on

September 13, 1978

1 h 52 min

Ted Kotcheff

George Segal,
Jacqueline Bisset,
Robert Morley,
Jean-Pierre Cassel,
Philippe Noiret

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