Is Kirby A Pokémon? – 10 Video Game Characters That Could Easily Pass For Pokémon

Is Kirby A Pokémon? – 10 Video Game Characters That Could Easily Pass For Pokémon

Pokémon has been around for over two decades, and with the most recent release of the Nintendo Switch games Pokémon Sword and Shield, more of these pocket monsters have been introduced, bringing the grand total up to 896. The anime has given fans an opportunity to see some of their favorite Pokémon in action, and despite going on for so long, the show has maintained a cult following, with fans worldwide rejoicing after Ash’s first Pokémon League victory just last year.

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Still, with so many Pokémon to keep track of, it’s completely understandable for viewers to lose track of what other characters in mainstream media are Pokémon and what ones aren’t. Many videogame characters, like Kirby, for example, are even mistaken to be Pokémon! Below are a few videogame characters who could easily pass for Pokémon based on their looks, behavior, and abilities. Hopefully after this list, this ceases to be the case.

10 Kirby (Kirby Series)

With Kirby being mentioned in this article’s title, it would be a sin not to mention him as an actual entry! Fans of Super Smash Bros. have seen firsthand just how good he is in a fight, something that most Pokémon will be forced into by their trainers. His signature skill of copying his opponents’ abilities by swallowing them makes him akin to a Pokémon like Ditto, who can actually transform to mimic its opponents.

Kirby’s physical appearance automatically sets him apart from humans, and his lack of speech is also a trait commonly shared amongst many Pokémon, but he’s definitely not one himself. Although that face would definitely make him a good addition to any Pokédex.

9 Agumon (Digimon)

Agumon Charmander Pokemon Digimon

While many are still struggling to grasp this, the fact of the matter is simple: Pokémon and Digimon are two completely different franchises. Although both feature anime series to provide some lore to their games, they exist in completely different universes.

Though Agumon can spit fire and evolve, he and Charmander are very different creatures, although it would be amazing to see the two go up against one another to prove once and for all which fire-breathing anthropomorphic lizzard is truly the strongest.

8 Morgana (Persona 5)

Morgana, otherwise known by his codename “Mona”, is one of the most important characters in Persona 5.

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His cartoonish, feline appearance is very reminiscent of Team Rocket’s Meowth, who could not only speak, but aid his human masters in whatever scheme they had cooked up to steal other Pokémon, which is ironic given that Morgana himself is a “Phantom Thief”.

7 Petey Piranha (Super Mario Sunshine)

Petey Piranha was first introduced in the 2002 game Super Mario Sunshine, and served as one of Mario’s biggest challenges as the plumber struggled to restore Isle Delfino to its former beauty. It would be easy to take one look at Petey Piranha and mistake him as a Grass-type Pokémon.

Fans of the series have seen many other Pokémon resembling Venus flytraps from Victreebel to Carnivine. Petey Piranha almost looks to be in the same family as these other Pokémon, given that all three share rows of carnivorous fangs capable of ripping apart more than just houseflies.

6 Moogle (Final Fantasy)

Moogles have played a huge role in the Final Fantasy franchise, mostly serving as general guides and store owners, although in some titles, they’ve even been known to step onto the battlefield themselves! It’s this multifacetedness that would allow them to thrive in the world of Pokémon.

5 Pikmin (Pikmin)

Pikmin are the tiny plant-animal creatures that Captain Olimar first discovered in the 2001 videogame Pikmin, after he crashlands on their planet. Pikmin possess their own unique types based on color, reminiscent of Eevee and the countless evolutions in its family.

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The fact that these tiny creatures are already so accustomed to following the commands of a person without question would make it easy for any Pokémon trainer to maintain an army of them.

4 Amaterasu (Okami)

Okami HD

Players of Okami are familiar with Amaterasu, the mystical wolf-like sun goddess destined to save the world from darkness. Everything about her is fitting of a Pokémon, from her animal-like appearance to her elemental abilities.

If it weren’t for the unique art style that she’s drawn in, it would almost be second-nature to identify her as a Pokémon.

3 Spyro (Spyro The Dragon)

Spyro Reignited Running Explosion

Spyro has captured fans’ hearts for decades now. Despite being such a tiny dragon, he’s only evolved his abilities over time to become something of a mini-powerhouse, mastering different styles of breathing besides the standard fire breath that’s a given for any dragon.

Though any loyal Pokémon fan would know that he isn’t one, Dragon-type Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes, and he would definitely blend right in with them. But fortunately for the other Dragon-types, they’ll never find themselves having to compete with this powerhouse.

2 Shadow Heartless (Kingdom Hearts)

Although there are hundreds of Heartless that Kingdom Hearts that players have fought over the years, the Shadow Heartless is the most basic. These Heartless are made out of pure darkness, with no insignia to mark them as the products of the Kingdom Hearts world.

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Their ghastly appearances would make it relatively easy to mistaken them for Dark or Ghost-type Pokémon, albeit they’d make some of the weakest in both those categories.

1 The Colossi (Shadow of the Colossus)

Almost every gamer has heard of Shadow of the Colossus, due to the sixteen Colossi that are the game’s central focus. These giants are legends, each occupying its own territory and not afraid to put up a fight should they feel threatened. They’re literally larger than life, and are very reminiscent of the many gigantic legendary Pokémon that have all gotten their own movies in the series due to their prominence.

Though they can’t control space and time like Palkia or Dialga, the Colossi are to be feared and respected in a similar manner, and as the player of Shadow of the Colossus learns the hard way, disrupting them brings about many more consequences than benefits.

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