Deonna & Greg Talk Building a Solid Foundation & Becoming Friends

Deonna & Greg Talk Building a Solid Foundation & Becoming Friends

Married at First Sight season 9’s Deonna and Greg took things slow on air, now they share how a slow pace was a winning factor into their marriage.

Greg Okotie and Deonna McNeil united as a married couple on season 9 of the hit Lifetime series Married at First Sight. The Charlotte residents had instant chemistry and have been inseparable since their nuptials. Now, with over a year of marriage under their belts, the adorable couple has built a “true friendship and a solid foundation.”

The happy couple were featured on the Married at First Sight spin-off, Married at First Sight: Couples’ Cam. The series fans received a special quarantine treat before the premiere of season 11 with the Lifetime miniseries series. As fans witnessed how the series’ lasting married couples have been surviving into self-isolation, they also got life updates on the reality stars, including the growth into Greg and Deonna’s marriage.

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During their season of Married at First Sight Greg and Deonna made the decision to take a slow pace and get to know one another. into an exclusive statement to Screen Rant they share how sticking to that decision allowed their marriage to prosper:

The growth that has come from our decision to go slow during the process has allowed us to build a true friendship and a solid foundation into our marriage. We made sure that we didn’t force anything while getting to know one another and focused on our own pace instead of the pace around us. The Married at First Sight pace is the fast! We go from married on the same day we learn each other’s name, to deciding if we want to stay married into less time than most date and decide on engagement.

Both Greg and Deonna often gloat about their love for one another on Instagram, and they didn’t stray away from it on Couples’ Cam either. Viewers got to see a playful side to the couple, even as they discussed whether or not it was time to have a baby. With Deonna’s baby fever on the rise, she made sure her hubby felt it too with the purchase of a realistic baby doll! Greg, initially, was against trying for a baby right now but he decided life is the too short to wait.

It’s no surprise Greg and Deonna are still together. Their connection on season 9 of Married at First Sight was undeniable, and seeing them together is the proof of their closeness. The reality stars have decided to try for the baby and fans are just as giddy as the couple to see their family grow.

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Married at First Sight season 11 premieres July 15th at 8pm EST on The Lifetime Channel.

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