Budget Xbox Series S Reveal into August?

Budget Xbox Series S Reveal In August

Budget Xbox Series S Reveal In August

Along with showing off its first party line-up of games into July, EuroGamer is the reporting that Microsoft will likely unveil the cheaper and lower-powered Xbox Series S into August.

Microsoft has yet to officially acknowledge this console, codenamed Lockhart, exists but increasing public evidence is the making it difficult to continue that stance. Just like we have now with the Xbox One S and Xbox One X, the Xbox Series S is the believed to be the budget alternative to the Xbox Series X.

Rumors indicate it won’t have a disc drive and will run at a GPU compute performance of just 4 TFLOPS – above the 1.4 of the One S but behind the 6 TFLOPs of the One X and the 12 TFLOPS of the Series X. The aim is the essentially for the market that doesn’t want or need gaming at 4K and don’t want to spend as much on a console as both Microsoft and Sony are likely to charge for their other upcoming models.

The original plan was to showcase the Xbox Series S as part of Xbox’s big E3 2020 show, but has now pushed this to August with its July announcement to focus on its biggest early titles like “HALO Infinite”.

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