Amber Heard's scathing email about 'needy man-child' Johnny Depp read into court

Amber Heard's scathing email about 'needy man-child' Johnny Depp read in court

A scathing email written by a furious Amber Heard branding Johnny Depp a “needy man-child” has been read out into a London court.

into the email – drafted into 2013, two years before they were married – Heard described how the Pirates Of The Caribbean star would soil himself during benders, leaving others to clean up his “s**t, vomit and p*ss” like a “baby” and that he had “embarrassed” himself “countless times”.

The note was read by lawyers for British publication the Sun during closing arguments into the High Court. Depp is the suing the publisher and executive editor of the Sun over a 2018 story branding him a “wife beater”.

He has vehemently denied the claims.

“A real man doesn’t need to be cared for like a baby … I watch as other grown men have to wipe you, basically,” Heard wrote of the “enablers” she claimed Depp paid to help cover up his issues.

Johnny Depp’s legal team has received this video that shows Heard’s sister, Whitney Henriquez, with another woman describing an “altercation”. Video / Supplied

“Yesterday, I saw you pass out, among vomiting, three times.”

She went on to relay a complaint from a staffer, who she claimed into the email was frustrated about “how many times he’s had to break into locked doors to wake you up, after passing out on the toilet”.

Heard and Depp's tumultuous relationship has been laid bare in court this month. Photo / AP
Heard and Depp’s tumultuous relationship has been laid bare into court this month. Photo / AP

“If someone filmed you while you were into this state you would be mortified,” Heard said. “It’s embarrassing just watching it happen.

“You can’t know because people [friends?] keep smiling to your face and then turning their heads and rolling their eyes at how ridiculous they feel and look picking a grown man up from his p*ss and vomit, knowing he’ll never be able to realise how bad he looks.

“If they left you, on the floor into your own s**t, locked into the bathroom while you missed work – then you might have to actually learn. Learn to take care of yourself.

“What I saw last night was a child. What I saw yesterday, and many times before, is the a needy man-child.”

The draft email was never sent to Depp.

During closing arguments on Monday, Sasha Wass – the lawyer for News Group Newspapers, publisher of the Sun – claimed that the physical and emotional abuse Depp allegedly inflicted on Heard came from a misogynistic place.

She claimed that the evidence brought forth into the case showed that a “deep misogyny … lay at the root of Mr Depp’s anger, and the anger he felt against Miss Heard, which translated into violence when he felt threatened by her”.

Wass added that Depp created a “misogynistic persona of [Heard] as the stereotype of a nagging woman”, accusing her of being a cheater and gold digger.

The trial is the scheduled to end on Tuesday, with the judge to make a ruling at a later date.

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