Do you work for the Spurs?

One thing about me, there is something about me that must scream professional. I could be in Target wearing green and still be confused for an employee. Even had a case while working DoorDash where someone waiting at a Chili’s tried to get in the back of my car thinking I was their Uber. (Due to Corona, all Chili’s pick up orders were curbside only.)

For a long time, I had this polo shirt for the San Antonio Spurs, mostly plain black with silver up the sides and under the sleeves and the simple Spurs logo on my left chest. It was enough that I could wear it as business casual most days to my actual work at the time. Apparently, combine that with how I carry myself, I was commonly asked if I worked for the Spurs. I could have easily been confused for a low level front office worker or something.

This kid, however, took the cake. I’m sitting line at a Cici’s near my work on a Sunday lunch break (the much better pizza place even closer to work was closed on Sundays) and I was wearing the mentioned shirt. So I’m waiting in line at the cashier and this little kid looked up at me and asked, “Are you the coach of the Spurs?” Technically, that…was a new one on me. I just shook my head and said “No. If I was, I would be in Milwaukee right now.” (The Spurs were away that day for a game against the Bucks.) Kid just said “Oh…” and looked away sheepishly. Nothing dramatic, just routine, but the question was odd for more than one reason..

Another issue with the kid’s question…I was in my early 30s at the time (now in my late 30s) and the Spurs’ coach? Gregg Popovich? At least 30-40 years my senior. It’s safe to assume there is no resemblance at this point.

Funny thing, while I did not and never have work for the Spurs, I did work for a company owned by a couple of their minority owners.

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