customers think i work in that cafe

Pre-context: I’m a manager at franchise of a cafe brand in Sydney and my owner operator doesn’t really care about the shop that much, so i’m running around sourcing supplies that she should.

So this story is from last week, our store was running low on some burger sauce and we aren’t allowed to just buy from a supermarket or just make our own by the head office rules. it was my day off and i said that i would just to a another branch and borrow some from them because i know the owners well because i worked with them before and i go there alot on my day offs just for a chat or chill out,

So i go there and i’m in my causal clothing (note: I was wearing black pants and a black t-shirt with a red raincoat outside as it was rainy and windy outside(because of work, i wear black alot now) and i just see the owners there and i asked for the specific stuff and just wait. I just realize that they are busier then normal so i just wait around the exit of the store (note: due to COVID-19, they use one side as the exit and other as the entrance and its labeled in red with laminated A4 sheets). while i wait, i decide to help them out a bit. Oh boy thats the biggest mistake i made. im just in the corner and wiping and making all the sliver shine. i didn’t had my red jacket on because it was raining outside and it was wet. (note the cafe uniform is black shirt, black pants, brown apron for the front of house employees)

here comes the douche bag customer(note its an old aged Asian guy and his English isn’t that good). i’ll call him C. C enters from the exit and just stands there for a while, then proceeds to move towards me and just asked me why i didn’t tend to him and offer C a table. i just reply kindly say that please order at the counter or get a menu from the counter to get a table. during this time, we are not allowed to put any common touch items on the tables and all the stuff is behind the counter. Someone has to give a table and all the physical menu otherwise you can pull one up from the website (note the menu on the website be the core menu and any special offers will be given from the counter) C seemed confused and proceeds to the counter, meanwhile i am thinking i should be gone by now.

at the counter, he just complains that i was rude to me (the owner is at the counter and he knows how friendly i am) and he just apologizes and says that that guy doesn’t even work here. they switch language here so the rest of the story is what i heard from the owner. apparently the C wanted me fired for not helping him and was also being racist(note im a Pakistani and being in Sydney in 50+% Asian populated suburb and its normal for me to feel the passive racism but its normal) but the owner defended me and said “yeah you wont see him again”. while he was telling me story the others heard it too and they couldn’t stop grinning and laughing. he later explains that its normal for C to this and compliant and C has even yelled at someone before but the owner has a 3-strikes policy before banning customers from the shop and letting everyone around know too.

Oh well As soon as i got the bottles of burger sauce, i just apologized to everyone there and i just went my way

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