boyfriend (m23) and I (f20) relationship for a year and a half; have little time to see

My boyfriend (m23) and I (f20) have pretty differing work schedules, on top of me going to school. The only day really that we have available to hang out/go on dates is Monday evening, which we normally always go out on.

This upcoming week (I work a part time job), I was only scheduled for 3 days due to Thanksgiving interfering with my regular Thursday shift. My coworker’s (a shift lead) birthday is on Monday and she was telling me about the plans she made. My manager has been on quarantine and she normally works Monday nights, and the person who she scheduled to take it called out. We’re a very small business so the remaining two others are too new to work together.

She asked me this morning if I could cover. Knowing if I don’t take the shift, the Shift Leader will probably have to cover on her birthday. I was considering taking it because of this, but before I answered her, I texted my boyfriend.

I explained the situation and that I’m making less money this week and how it’s her birthday. I said “I kinda wanna take it.” he responded and said “and what about me that it’s my only day off?” followed by “go ahead and take it.” This upset me and I told him not to talk to me that way and that it was a simple yes or no, because I understand it’s our only day to really hang out (we see each other here and there through the week but not for more than an hour). **He told me he’s upset I even considered taking it, and that I didn’t ask him I basically had my mind set already.** I said if I didn’t ask him I would’ve just said yes to my boss first and then told him about it. So now we’re in an argument and I’m mad at him giving me attitude for something that could’ve been a simple yes or no.

Are any of us overreacting? I told my manager no already, but I need to know if I’m in the wrong. because maybe I just don’t see it


TL;DR! -we only get to see eachother for a full date on Monday’s, I wanted to take a shift that was open to be a nice person for my coworker, I brought it up with my boyfriend and he blew up at me saying I’m not thinking of him and how could I consider working when it’s our only day for a date, I didn’t like his attitude with me when he couldve just said yes or no. Was I out of line for considering taking it even tho I asked him first?

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